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GCN Circular 357

GRB 990627, radio observations
1999-06-29T17:58:17Z (25 years ago)
Dale A. Frail at NRAO <>
R. Subrahmanyan (CSIRO), M. Wieringa (CSIRO), D. A. Frail (NRAO) and
S. R. Kulkarni (Caltech) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"We obtained an 11 hour integration with the Australia Telescope
Compact Array (ATCA) centered on June 28.67 UT at 4.8 GHz (including 3
hours at 4.9 GHz), and an 8 hour integration centered on June 28.76 UT
at 8.6 GHz. The ATCA was pointed at the BeppoSAX WFC position of 
GRB 990627 as given by Gandolfi (GCN 356).

Within the 3-arcmin WFC error circle there are four 6 cm sources above
5 sigma. We report these positions for the purpose of enabling
observations at other wavelengths. We are making no claims at this
time that any of these sources are the afterglow from GRB 990627.
Further ATCA observations are planned to determine which, if any, of
these sources are variable."

AT J014829.6-770653: RA 01:48:29.65, DEC -77:06:53.3 (J2000)
AT J014902.6-770517: RA 01:49:02.61, DEC -77:05:17.8 (J2000)
AT J014832.6-770412: RA 01:48:32.60, DEC -77:04:12.0 (J2000)
AT J014829.0-770253: RA 01:48:29.07, DEC -77:02:53.8 (J2000)

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