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GCN Circular 36029

X-ray transient LXT 240402A: WFST optical upper limits​
2024-04-04T17:04:26Z (16 days ago)
Tianrui Sun at Purple Mountain Obs,CAS <>
legacy email
Tian-Rui Sun, Jin-Jun Geng, Min-Xuan Cai, Zheng-Yan Liu, Ye Li, Xue-Feng Wu report on behalf of the WFST Collaboration:

Following the detection of LXT 240402A by Leia (Xu et al. GCN 36016, Jia et al. GCN 36022) and FXT on board Einstein Probe (Jia et al. GCN 36022) ,VLT (Levan et al. GCN 36025) , we carried out image observations using the newly deployed Wide Field Survey Telescope (WFST Collaboration; arXiv:2306.07590) at Lenghu Astronomical Observation Base (Qinghai province, China) to search and follow up its afterglow in the error box.

We observed the target position with a total exposure of 1200s in g-band starting from 2024-04-03T19:28:35.
No new optical source was detected within the error box (Jia et al. GCN 36022) down to 23.8 mag in the coadded image.

Our non-detection is consistent with the results from the GWAC-F50A (Xin et al., GCN 36018), MASTER (Lipunov et al. GCN 36019), Kinder (Yang et al. GCN 36027) limits. 
As Yang noticed in GCN 36027, upon visual inspection, we also found that the star (SDSS J162148.18+254546.5)  appears to have a broader profile. 

We used the PanStarrs DR1 (Flewelling,2020) catalog as the magnitude reference for calibration.

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