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GCN Circular 36034

LXT 240402A/GRB 240402B: GECAM-C refined analysis
2024-04-05T01:59:44Z (a month ago)
Chenwei Wang at IHEP <>
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Wangchen Xue, Shaolin Xiong, Chenwei Wang, Chengkui Li, Shuxu Yi on behalf of GECAM team

Following our initial analysis reported in GCN 36017, here we analyzed the Amati relation for this burst. 
We find that, if this burst had a redshift of z~0.047 (Levan et al.; GCN 36025, Xu et al., GCN 36016), 
it falls in the short burst region, supporting the compact object merger origin as also evident by the large offset from the galaxy (Levan et al., GCN 36025). 
The small spectral lag compared to its luminosity also indicates the compact object merger origin.

The associated gravitational wave would likely have been observed if LVK was observing at the time of this burst.
The gravitational wave of such kind of GRB with small redshift would be potentially observed in O4b of LVK.

With the probable compact object merger origin of this GRB, follow-up observations are encouraged.

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