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GCN Circular 36108

GRB 240415A: Swift detection of a burst
2024-04-15T07:14:36Z (a month ago)
David Palmer at LANL <>

M. J. Moss (GSFC), K. L. Page (U Leicester) and D. M. Palmer (LANL)
report on behalf of the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team:

At 06:26:53 UT, the Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) triggered and
located GRB 240415A (trigger=1221874).  Due to a telemetry gap, only
limited information is available, specifically the detector plane
histogram and associated metadata.  Ground analysis of this histogram
finds a source at 
RA, Dec 129.128, +73.169 which is 
   RA(J2000) = 08h 36m 31s
   Dec(J2000) = +73d 10' 08"
The metadata indicates a trigger duration of 1 s, which does not distinguish
between a short or a long burst. 

We note that this trigger time and position is consistent with Fermi GBM's
detection of GRB 240415A (GCN 36107). 

Burst Advocate for this burst is M. J. Moss (mikejmoss3 AT 
Please contact the BA by email if you require additional information
regarding Swift followup of this burst. In extremely urgent cases, after
trying the Burst Advocate, you can contact the Swift PI by phone (see
Swift TOO web site for information:

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