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GCN Circular 36253

LXT240402A/GRB240402B: Chandra X-ray detection
2024-04-23T12:55:40Z (3 months ago)
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M. Yadav, E. Troja, Y. -H. Yang, and R. L. Becerra (U. Rome) report:

Following the detection of the fast X-ray transient LXT 240402A (Xu et al., GCN 36016) associated with GRB 240402B (Wang et al., GCN 36017), we performed observations of the field with the Chandra X-ray Observatory starting at UT 00:48 on April 15, 2024 for a total exposure of 16 ks.
An X-ray source is detected with high significance at the location of the optical counterpart (Yang at al., GCN 36094).
Using the spectral parameters of the EP-FXT detection (Jia et al., GCN 36022) we derive an X-ray flux of 8*10^-14 erg s^-1 cm^-2 (0.5-10 keV), consistent with the Swift/XRT observations (Martin-Carrillo et al., GCN 36114).
We thank Pat Slane and the CXO staff for quickly arranging and executing the observations.
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