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GCN Circular 36419

EP240506a: Xinglong optical upper limit
2024-05-09T02:55:13Z (10 days ago)
Dr Jie Zheng at Xinglong Observatory, National Astronomical Observatories ( NAOC), CAS <>
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J.-J. Jin(NAOC), H.-Y. Mu(NAOC), Z. Fan(NAOC), H. Wu(NAOC), J. Zheng(NAOC), S. Liu(NAOC) report on behalf of a large collaboration:

Following the detection of EP240506a by EP-WXT (Li et al., GCN 36405), we observed the field of EP240506a using the 2.16-m telescope at Xinglong Observatory, NAOC. We obtained 3x600s clear-band frames with a median time of 2024-05-07T15:16:34 i.e., 10 hr after the EP trigger.

No uncatalogued optical transient is detected in the stacked images within the 3 arcmin EP/WXT error circle (Li et al., GCN 36405), down to 3-sigma limiting magnitudes of g ~ 23.1, calibrated with Pan-STARRS sources in the field. Also, there is no apparent brightening for the cataloged sources within the error circle.
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