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GCN Circular 36533

GRB 240513A: Swift-XRT afterglow detection
2024-05-22T21:23:31Z (2 months ago)
Andrea Melandri at INAF-OAR <>
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A. Melandri (INAF-OAR) reports on behalf of the Swift-XRT team:

Swift-XRT has performed follow-up observations of the Fermi/LAT-detected burst GRB 240513A in a series of observations tiled on the sky. 

Three uncatalogued X-ray sources were reported in GCN 36478, of which one ("Source #6”) is fading with 2.7-sigma significance, and is therefore likely the GRB afterglow.  

The position of this source is RA, Dec=163.4548, -27.4114 which is equivalent to:

RA (J2000): 10:53:49.16
Dec(J2000): -27:24:41.3

with an uncertainty of 5.1 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence).  

The results of the XRT-team automatic analysis are available at

This circular is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.

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