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GCN Circular 36607

GRB 240603C: BALROG localization (Fermi Trigger 739102156 / GRB 240603423)
2024-06-03T10:59:23Z (10 days ago)
Jochen Greiner at MPE <>
T. Preis, B. Biltzinger, J. Burgess & J. Greiner (all MPE Garching) report:

The public trigdat data of the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) trigger
739102156 at 10:09:11 on 03 June 2024 were automatically fitted for spectrum
and sky location with BALROG (Burgess et al. 2018, MNRAS 476, 1427;
Berlato et al. 2019, ApJ 873, 60).

The best-fit position is:
RA(2000.0) = 275.5 deg
Decl.(2000.0) = -35.3 deg
The 1 sigma statistical error radius is 2.5 deg.
We estimate an additional systematic error of 1 deg.

Further details are available at:

The Healpix map can be downloaded from:

The location parameters are available as JSON at:


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