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GCN Circular 36821

EP240703a: Liverpool Telescope optical follow-up observations
2024-07-04T17:53:09Z (15 days ago)
A. Bochenek at Liverpool John Moores University <>
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A. Bochenek and D. A. Perley (LJMU) report:

We observed the field of the X-ray transient and probable gamma-ray burst EP240703a (Wang et al., GCN 36807; Frederiks et al., GCN 36809) using the IO:O optical camera on the 2m robotic Liverpool Telescope. We obtained 5x180s exposures with the SDSS-I filter between 2024-07-04 02:27:40 UT and 2024-07-04 02:45:02 UT, approximately 1.1 days after the transient.
The limiting magnitude of the stacked image is i > 21.9 mag (AB) for a three-sigma detection limit, with mid-observation time being 2024-07-04 02:34:51 UT. No new sources were identified within the 90% confidence 3 arcmin error circle compared to the Pan-STARRS catalogue. Additionally, no source was detected at the TRT candidate afterglow position (An et al., GCN 36815), now thought to be a probable cosmic ray (An et al., GCN 36820).

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