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GCN Circular 3750

GRB050803: MASTER optical observations
2005-08-03T20:47:19Z (19 years ago)
Vladimir Lipunov at Moscow State U/Krylov Obs <>
V. Lipunov, A.Krylov, V.Kornilov, G.Borisov, D.Kuvshinov,
E.Gorbovskoy, N.Tyurina, V.Vladimirov

Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow

   198 sec after  SWIFT GRB050803 detection  (Tirgger_Num 148833)  MASTER 
robotic telescope ( had  imaging  the
corresponding area of the sky  under the bad weather conditions on the
evening sky near the horizont.
     We have first image by 200 mm camera with grisma up to 9m. 
The first 
unfiltred image on 355 mm camera  was made at 28 min (19h32m25s UT))after 
GRB time due to 
technical problems(the limit is 14.5 m).
     There is no  OT.
Observations are continued.
This work is supported by Moscow Union "OPTICA" and RFFI 04-02-16411.

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