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GCN Circular 3753

GRB 050803: Magellan Observations
2005-08-04T06:36:17Z (19 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger, M. Geha, I. Thompson (Carnegie Observatories) report:

"On 2005, August 4.234 UT we imaged the XRT error circle (GCN 3752) of GRB
050803 (GCN 3748).  Within the error circle we find a single object
located at (J2000):
        RA = 23:22:38.0
        DEC= 05:47:02.3
with an uncertainty of about 0.5" in each coordinate.  The source appears
to be extended in our image, and has a magnitude of I ~ 22 mag.  We have
no indication of variability at this point.  We note that this object may
be the afterglow superposed on a relatively bright host galaxy, or an
unrelated object."
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