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GCN Circular 3833

GRB 050820: High Resolution Spectroscopy from Keck
2005-08-20T09:51:16Z (19 years ago)
Jason Prochaska at UCO/Lick Obs <>
J. X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick), J. S. Bloom, J. T. Wright (UC Berkeley),
R. Paul Butler (DTM, Carnegie), H. W. Chen (MIT), S.S. Vogt (UCO/Lick),
and G.W. Marcy (UC Berkeley) report:

"Starting at 07h28m59s 20 Aug 2005 UTC, we began spectroscopic 
of the optical transient (Fox & Cenko GCN #3829) of GRB 050820
(Page et al. GCN #3830) with HIRES/Keck I. In a series of 900 sec 
the continuum from the afterglow is well detected as are many absorption
lines.  Based on the identification of a damped Ly alpha feature, SiII 
1304, OI 1302, and numerous fine structure lines we measure the GRB 
redshift to be
z=2.612 +/- 0.002."

We are grateful to Derek Fox for his assistance in helping us acquire 
this data.

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UCO/Lick Observatory
UC Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
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