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GCN Circular 3943

GRB 050908: Optical Observations
2005-09-08T07:05:56Z (18 years ago)
Ken ichi Torii at RIKEN <>
K. Torii (Osaka U.) reports:

 "The error region of GRB 050908 (Goad et al. GCN 3942)
was observed by the 0.30 m telescope in the New Mexico Sky
Observatory. Several 120 s exposures were obtained in V, Rc, and Ic
bands starting at 05:56:25 UT (14 minutes after the burst).

 We identify a low significance optical counterpart candidate at 

R.A. 01:21:50.7 
Dec. -12:57:16 
(J2000, 1".5 uncertainty)

with an USNO-A2.0R magnitude of about 18.8."
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