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GCN Circular 3972

GRB 050911: LCO limits on a variable source
2005-09-13T02:52:04Z (19 years ago)
Edo Berger at Carnegie Obs <>
E. Berger (Carnegie Observatories), B. P. Schmidt (RSAA, ANU), A. M.  
Soderberg (Caltech), and A. Boss (Carnegie DTM) report:

"We obtained second set of I-band observations of GRB 050911 with the du
Pont telescope at LCO on 2005, Sep. 12.39 UT (18.5 hours after the burst).  
Digital subtraction of this observation from the one obtained 13 hours
after the burst (GCN #3966)  reveals no variable sources within the XRT
error circle (GCN #3967) to a 3-sigma limit of I>21.9 mag in comparison to
the UCAC2 star at RA=00:54:43.4587, DEC=-38:54:00.674."
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