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GCN Circular 3984

GRB 050915: IR Observations
2005-09-15T18:34:05Z (19 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berleley <>
J. S. Bloom and K. Alatalo (UC Berkeley), on behalf of a larger  
collaboration, reports:

"Starting at 2005-09-15 11:33:18 UTC, the 1.3m PAIRITEL on Mt.  
Hopkins began imaging the field of GRB 050915 (Swift trigger 155242;  
GCN 3977). In a stack of exposures amounting to 1130 sec of  
integration time we detect a red source at (J2000):

   RA     05:26:44.83
   DEC -28:00:59.5

The position is uncertain to about 400 ms but may be improved with  
further analysis.
This source appears to be consistent with the revised XRT position  
(Grupe et al. GCN 3983).
Since the source is significantly more faint than the 2MASS detection  
level, we make no claims about variability at this time. Further  
analysis is in progress."

An image will be posted to:

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