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GCN Circular 4141

GRB051022: Swift XRT Position
2005-10-22T22:28:14Z (19 years ago)
Judith Racusin at PSU <>
J. Racusin, D. Burrows (PSU), N. Gehrels (GSFC) on behalf of the Swift XRT 

XRT began observing the field of HETE discovered GRB051022 (Olive et al., 
GCN 4131) at 16:35:54 UT, approximately 3.5 hours after the trigger. 
Using 2 orbits of data, we detect a bright uncatalogued fading X-ray 
source at the following coordinates:

RA(J2000):  23 56 4.1
Dec(J2000): +19 36 25.1

with an estimated uncertainty of 4 arcseconds (90% containment), including 
corrections for the XRT boresight offset.  This position is 67 arcseconds 
from the HETE position Tanaka et al. (GCN 4137).
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