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GCN Circular 4143

GRB 051022, J & K-band observation
2005-10-23T03:13:26Z (19 years ago)
Alberto Castro-Tirado at Astro. de Andalucia <>
A. J. Castro-Tirado, A. de Ugarte Postigo (IAA-CSIC,
Granada, Spain), G. Bihain (IAC, La Laguna, Spain),
S. Guziy, S. B. Pandey, M. Jelinek and J. Gorosabel
(IAA-CSIC, Granada, Spain),


"We have observed the HETE-2 error box for GRB 051022
(Olive et al., GCNC 4131) with the 1.5 m  Carlos S�nchez
telescope at Tenerife, Spain. 30 min exposures in the J and
Ks-band filters were taken starting on October 22 (01:56 UT,
i.e. 12.8 hr after the GRB). Within the SWIFT X-ray error
box (Racusin et al., GCNC 4141), we detect two objects,
at coordinates (J2000):

#A RA= 23 56 04.10 Dec= +19 36 27.9

#B RA= 23 56 04.18 Dec =+19 36 23.1

Preliminary error is 1.0". Object #A seems to be present in
the DSS-2 (IR). Object #B seems much redder than #A and
marginally consistent with another possible source seen in
the DSS-2 (IR).

Additional observations in the near-IR are requested to
confirm if object #B is the nIR afterglow to GRB 051022.
An ID-chart will be posted at ."

Alberto J. Castro-Tirado wrote:

[GCN OPS NOTE(25oct05): The name on the 4131 reference was changed
from Graziani to Olive (in response to the author change on 4131).]
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