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GCN Circular 4163

Chandra Observations of GRB 051022
2005-10-26T02:56:00Z (19 years ago)
Sandeep K. Patel at NSSTC-NASA/MSFC <>
S. Patel, C. Kouveliotou (NASA/MSFC), E. Rol (University of Leicester) 
report on behalf of a larger team:

We processed the initial 700 s (on source) of our ongoing Chandra ACIS-S 
observation of GRB 051022, which started on October 25, 21:14:20 UT.  We 
detect an X-ray source consistent with the VLA source location (Cameron 
& Frail, GCN # 4154) with a count rate of 0.026 c/s in the entire 
Chandra band. The Chandra source location is centered at RA=23h56m4.1s 
and  DEC= +19deg 36' 23.9". We estimate an error of 0.7" dominated by 
the uncertainty in the Chandra aspect solution. A more accurate position 
based on astrometry may be possible after the complete observation of 20 
ks is available.

We are grateful to the Chandra Data Center for the rapid data 
processing, in particular Drs Joy Nichols and Craig Anderson.
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