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GCN Circular 4174

GRB051028: Swift XRT Position
2005-10-29T05:11:11Z (18 years ago)
Judith Racusin at PSU <>
J. Racusin (PSU), K. Page (U. Leicester), J. Kennea, D. Morris, C. Pagani, 
D. Burrows (PSU), N. Gehrels (GSFC) on behalf of the Swift XRT team:

The Swift XRT began observing the field of the HETE discovered GRB 051028 
(Hurley et al., GCN 4172) at 20:44:08 UT, approximately 7.1 hours after 
the trigger. We have analyzed the first 3 orbits of data and we detect an 
uncatalogued fading X-ray source at the following coordinates:

RA(J2000):   01 48 15.1
Dec(J2000): +47 45 12.5

with an estimated uncertainty of 6 arcseconds (90% containment), including 
corrections for the XRT boresight offset.  This position is 5.2 arcminutes 
from the center of the HETE error box reported in Hurley et al. (GCN 

Note that the HETE error box quoted in Hurley et al. (GCN4172) actually 
extends beyond the field of view of the XRT.  However, the source 
mentioned above is the only bright source in the field and is decaying. 
Therefore, it is likely the afterglow of GRB051028.
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