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GCN Circular 4221

GRB 051109: HET Optical Spectrum and Absorption Redshift
2005-11-09T08:06:51Z (19 years ago)
Robert Quimby at U of Texas/ROTSE <>
R. Quimby (U. Texas), D. Fox (PSU), P. Hoeflich (U. Texas), B. Roman,
and J. C. Wheeler (U. Texas) report:

We observed the optical afterglow (Rykoff et al. GCN 4211) of GRB
051109 (Tagliaferri et al. GCN 4213) with the 9.2m Hobby-Eberly
Telescope (+ Marcario Low-Resolution Spectrograph) beginning November
9, 03:55:40 UT (~2.5 hrs after the burst trigger). Several absorption
lines are present in the spectrum corresponding to Si II (1526.7), C
IV, Cr II (2056.3, 2066.2), and Fe II (2344.2, 2382.8) among others
at a redshift of z=2.346.
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