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GCN Circular 4255

GRB 051111: Keck HIRES redshift
2005-11-11T08:13:00Z (19 years ago)
Jason Prochaska at UCO/Lick Obs <>
G. Hill (Keck),  J.X. Prochaska (UCO/Lick),  D. Fox (Penn State),
B. Schaefer (Keck), M. Reed (Keck):

"We have observed GRB 051111 with HIRESr on the Keck telescope
for 1800s starting UT 07:03.  We detect a series of strong MgII,
FeII and SiII absorption features at a redshift z=1.55.  Because we
detect no additional features redward of the MgII doublet, we
adopt this as the redshift of GRB 051111."

A full analysis is underway.
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