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GCN Circular 4263

GRB051111: Swift/UVOT Observations
2005-11-11T16:51:52Z (18 years ago)
Tracey Poole at MSSL <>
T.S. Poole (UCL-MSSL), T. Sakamoto (GSFC), A.J. Blustin (UCL-MSSL), B.
Hancock (UCL-MSSL) & T.Kennedy (UCL-MSSL) on behalf of the Swift/UVOT team

The Swift-Ultra-Violet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) began observing the field 
of GRB 051111 (BAT Trigger=163438; Sakamoto et al. GCN 4248) at 2005-11-11
7:47:20, 5560 seconds after the burst. We detect a source in the V, B, U 
and UVW1 filters at position RA 23:12:33.17, DEC 18:22:28.80; this 
position was also reported  by Mundell  et. al. (GCN 4250).  The source is 
not detected in the UVM2 or UVW2 filters.

The aperture used for optical observations was 6 arcsec, and 12 arcsec was
used for the ultraviolet observations.  The limiting magnitudes are given 
to a 3 sigma limit.

Filter  T_range         T_exp   Mag
         (sec)           (sec)
V       16298-17198     900     19.33+/-0.35    - source detection
B       11237-12136     900     20.38+/-0.35    - source detection
U       10329-11229     900     20.09+/-0.46    - source detection
UVW1    6467-7153       686     20.25+/-0.85    - source detection
UVM2    5560-11832      1800    20.92           - upper limit
UVW2    12145-12938     793     20.64           - upper limit

Where T_range is time post-trigger, and T_exp is the exposure time of the
observation. Magnitude errors include statistical and systematic errors.

These results were obtained from intital UVOT exposures, and the 
observations of GRB051111 are continuing.

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