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GCN Circular 4337

GRB051211B: Liverpool Telescope observation
2005-12-12T13:25:51Z (18 years ago)
Cristiano Guidorzi at ARI,Liverpool JMU <>
C. Guidorzi, I.A. Steele, C.J. Mottram, A. Monfardini, C.G. Mundell,
A. Gomboc, R.J. Smith, M.F. Bode (Liverpool JMU) report:

"The 2-m Liverpool Telescope located in La Palma, Canary Islands,
observed GRB051211B detected by INTEGRAL (Mereghetti et al. GCN 4327)
~66 min after the GRB trigger time.
The observation could not commence earlier because of the weather.
The "detection mode" procedure did not detect any obvious candidate
brighter than about r'=16 mag from 3x10-s images.
The limiting magnitude is due to poor sky conditions and bright moonlight.
After visual inspection of a 6-min stacked image started at ~93 min
after the burst, we detect neither the optical candidate found by
Klotz et al. (GCN 4328) nor any counterpart to the X-ray source reported
by Swift/XRT (Pagani et al., GCN 4332), down to r'~18.

The limiting magnitude is automatically calculated with respect to the
USNOB1.0 'R2' values of the field objects."
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