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GCN Circular 4434

GRB 060102 - no XRT afterglow
2006-01-05T19:59:29Z (19 years ago)
Alon Retter at PSU <>
A. Retter, J. Kennea, D. Burrows, D. Grupe, J. Nousek (PSU);
N. Gehrels (GSFC)

GRB 060102 (trigger #175603; Retter et al. GCN 4423) was observed with
the XRT for 2 ksec about 47 hours after the BAT trigger. No afterglow
candidate was found. The 3-sigma upper limit is 0.003 counts/s (1.5e-13
ergs/s/cm^2). Earlier observations were prohibited by sun and moon
constraints. No further observations are planned.
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