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GCN Circular 4475

GRB 060108: z-band imaging from Gemini-North
2006-01-10T22:18:30Z (18 years ago)
Josh Bloom at UC Berkeley <>
J. S. Bloom (UC Berkeley), D. Walther, C. Trujillo (Gemini), J. X.  
Prochaska (UCO/Lick), R. Foley (UC Berkeley), and H.-W. Chen  
(Chicago) report:

"Using the GMOS instrument on Gemini North, we observed the field of  
GRB 060108 (Sakamoto et al.; GCN 4445) in z-band for 1080 sec. By  
comparison with the SDSS pre-imaging (Cool et al. 4448), we place an  
approximate 5 sigma upper limit of any afterglow flux of z = 24.2 AB  
mag at the position of the X-ray transient (Page et al. 4453). There  
is a faint enhancement (~1 sigma) at the XRT position but we cannot  
verify that it is indeed a real source. Further analysis of the IR  
imaging is on-going."

A comparison chart (North up, East left) may be found at:

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