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GCN Circular 4510

GRB 060115: MITSuME optical afterglow candidate
2006-01-15T16:19:24Z (19 years ago)
Nobuyuki Kawai at Tokyo Tech <>
K. Yanagisawa (OAO/NAOJ), H. Toda, and N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech) report
on behalf of the MITSuME collaboration: 

"We have observed the field of GRB 060115 (Tagliaferri et al. GCN 4509)
with the three-color MITSuME 50 cm telescope at Okayama, Japan,
starting from 13:14 UT (T_burst + 6 min).

In the Rc and Ic band images, we have detected a fading source inside
the Swift XRT error circle that is not present in the DSS2-r image.

The coordinates of the fading object are:

 RA(J2000): 03:36:08.4, Dec(J2000): +17:20:43    (error +/- 2 arcsec)"
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