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GCN Circular 451

GRB 991208: Radio Observations
1999-12-11T02:42:10Z (24 years ago)
Dale A. Frail at NRAO <>
D. A. Frail (NRAO) reports on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"Beginning 1999 December 10.92 UT we imaged the IPN error box (Hurley
et al. GCN #450) of GRB 991208 with the Very Large Array (VLA) at 4.86
GHz and 8.46 GHz. Near the center of the IPN box, at R.A.=16 33 53.50,
dec.=+46 27 20.9 (J2000), there is a previously uncataloged source.
The source is unresolved at a resolution of 0.8 arcsec and has a
spectral index of +1.4. Based on the source location, its inverted
spectrum and compactness we consider this to be a strong candidate for
the afterglow from GRB 991208. This GRB is located in the daytime sky,
making optical observations all but impossible at this time. We urge
further radio observations to determine whether the source is variable."

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