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GCN Circular 4559

GRB060121: SARA Observations
2006-01-22T10:08:12Z (18 years ago)
Autumn Homewood at Clemson U <>
Jim Webb (UGA), A.L. Homewood, K.V. Garimella, and D.H. Hartmann
(Clemson), on behalf of the Clemson GRB Follow-Up Team, report:

We observed the Hete-SXC error box of GRB060121 (Arimoto et al., GCN 4550,
Prigozhin et al., GCN 4551, Boer et al., GCN 4552) with the SARA 0.9-m at
Kitt Peak. We co-added 24 R-Band exposures of 300 seconds each, for a
total integrated exposure time of 7200 seconds (2 hours), beginning at
UT060122 03:12:50 and ending at 05:29:53. We detect no new sources down to
a limiting magnitude of R=19.77 +/- 0.23 mag compared to the USNOA2.0
catalogue. We would like to thank Dr. Webb for the ToO interrupt

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