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GCN Circular 4589

GRB 060124: R band Observations
2006-01-25T06:50:43Z (18 years ago)
Kuntal Mishra at ARIES,Nainital,India <>
Kuntal Misra (ARIES, Nainital) on behalf of a larger Indian GRB 

We observed the field of GRB 060124 (SWIFT trigger 178750; GCN 4570)
with the 104-cm Telescope at ARIES, Nainital in Rc band on
January 24.7016 UT under good sky conditions. The OT is well detected in 
our single image of 300 sec exposure at a magnitude of ~ 17, one hour 
after the burst, in comparison to 4 nearby USNO-A2.0 stars.

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