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GCN Circular 4626

GRB 060130: PROMPT Observations
2006-01-31T19:21:35Z (18 years ago)
Josh Haislip at U.North Carolina <>
J. Haislip, C. MacLeod, M. Nysewander, A. LaCluyze, D. Reichart, J. A.
Crain, A. Foster, K. Ivarson, J. Kirschbrown report on behalf of the UNC
team of the FUN GRB collaboration:

We observed the localization of GRB 060130 (Mereghetti et al., GCN 4615)
with three of the PROMPT telescopes simultaneously in r'Iz' beginning 23.8
hours after the burst under the automated control of Skynet:

Filter  Telescope  Start (UT)  Stop (UT)  Exposures  Total (hr)
r'      PROMPT-4   04:45:52    06:34:20   71 x 80s   1.80
I       PROMPT-1   04:46:02    06:33:52   71 x 80s   1.78
z'      PROMPT-5   04:45:42    06:34:53   72 x 80s   1.82

No new source is found to I > 19.8 mag (3 sigma).  The magnitudes have
been calibrated to five USNO-B1.0 stars.

PROMPT is currently being built and commissioned at CTIO.
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