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GCN Circular 4640

GRB 060202: GETS observation
2006-02-03T17:42:27Z (18 years ago)
Kenzo Kinugasa at Gunma Astro. Obs/Japan <>
K. Kinugasa (Gunma Astronomical Observatory) and K. Torii (Osaka U.) report:

 The error region of GRB 060202 (Fox, et al. GCN 4629) was imaged by the 
robotic 0.25m GETS telescope in the Gunma Astronomical Observatory.
Unfiltered imaging started at 09:17:06 UT (36.2 minutes after the trigger)
and 30 s integration was repeated.

 We can not identify a new object within the XRT error region (Morris, et
al. GCN 4632) and the afterglow candidates (Cenko et al. GCN4636).
The following 3-sigma upper limits are derived relative to USNO-A1.0 R mag.

StartUT  EndUT    Limit  Nframes
09:17:06 09:17:36 >16.9  1
09:17:06 09:44:31 >19.0  33
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