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GCN Circular 4687

GRB 060206: RAPTOR observations of afterglow candidate variability.
2006-02-06T08:55:58Z (18 years ago)
Przemyslaw R. Wozniak at LANL <>
P.R. Wozniak, W.T. Vestrand, J. Wren, R. White, and S. Evans
at Los Alamos National Laboratory on behalf of the RAPTOR team report:

RAPTOR's autonomous system for locating optical counterparts to GRBs
identified a variable object at position RA=202.931, DEC=35.0509 deg.
At 2900 seconds after the trigger RAPTOR measured an R-band magnitude
of ~17.3, followed by a brightening to ~16.3 mag over the next 700 seconds,
where it remained for about 200 seconds before fading to ~16.9 mag
over the next 45 min. The real time position was reported only to the RAPTOR
rapid response team because of unusual photometric behavior of the object.
This variable source has a location consistent with the position of the
optical afterglow candidate found by Fynbo et al. (GCN 4683) and confirmed
by Boyd et al. (GCN 4684).
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