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GCN Circular 4703

GRB 060206: Subaru/FOCAS optical spectroscopy
2006-02-07T07:05:05Z (18 years ago)
Nobuyuki Kawai at Tokyo Tech <>
K. Aoki, T. Hattori (Subaru Telescope, NAOJ), 
K. S. Kawabata (Hiroshima University), and N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech)
report on behalf of the Subaru GRB team:

"We have obtained the optical spectra of the afterglow of GRB060206
(Morris et al., GCN 4682) with FOCAS attached to the Subaru 8.2 m
Telescope on Mauna Kea.

We have taken the spectra covering wavelength regions of 5000-10000 A
at Feb 6.5 (UT) with a total exposure time of 4 hours.  The spectral
resolutions were about R=500-1000.  The optical spectra clearly show
rich absorption lines, with which we confirm the redshift of 4.05
(Fynbo et al. GCN 4692).  We have detected C IV 1550, Fe II 1608, and
Al II 1670 in addition to Si II, Si II*, O I, C II, and Si IV reported
in GCN 4692.  Besides the z=4.05 systems, we have found the z=2.26
and z=1.48 systems which show Mg II 2800 and Fe II absorption lines."
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