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GCN Circular 4716

GRB 060206: near-infrared observations (JK' imaging)
2006-02-09T07:08:47Z (18 years ago)
Hiroshi TERADA at Subaru Telescope,NAOJ <>
H. Terada, T.-S. Pyo (Subaru Telescope, NAOJ), N. Kobayashi
(University of Tokyo) and N. Kawai (Tokyo Tech) report:

"Near-infrared photometry of the afterglow of GRB 060206
(Morris et al., GCN #4682) in the J, K'-bands was performed with IRCS
(Infrared Camera and Spectrograph) on the SUBARU Telescope at February
7.5 UT. An average seeing was 0.5 arcsec in the J-band and 0.3 arcsec
in the K'-band. 
The magnitude of the afterglow was J=18.77 +/ -0.04 at 10:38-11:04 UT
(t=30.1 hr) and K'=17.78 +/ -0.01 at 13:37-14:30 UT (t=33.3 hr). The
near-infrared decay index of the afterglow is estimated to be -1.11 in
the J-band and -1.22 in the K'-band from comparison with the earlier
report (J=15.96 and Ks=14.54 at t=2.9 hr, GCN #4702)."

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