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GCN Circular 4727

GRB 060210: optical evolution
2006-02-10T07:12:35Z (18 years ago)
Weidong Li at UC Berkeley KAIT/LOSS <>
W. Li, University of California, Berkeley, on behalf of the 
KAIT GRB team, report: 

We report further analysis of the KAIT observations of 
GRB 060210 between 1 to 48 minutes after the burst. 
The optical afterglow showed an interesting evolution:
it was nearly flat (with unfiltered mag of about 18.1)
between t = 1 to 5 minutes, brightened to mag 17.7 
at t = 9 minutes, then began a fast power-law decline
between t = 10 to 48 minutes with an index of -1.05 +/- 0.05. 
A light curve for the optical afterglow is at

The figure showed both the unfiltered and I-band light
curve of the OA, both calibrated to USNO B1.0 red magnitudes.

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