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GCN Circular 4731

GRB 060210 : Xinglong and Lulin optical limit
2006-02-10T12:09:44Z (18 years ago)
Yuji Urata at RIKEN <>
W. Zhou (BAO), C.S. Lin (NCU) Y. Urata (RIKEN), K.Y. Huang (NCU) and
Y. Qiu (BAO) on behalf of RAFON report:

"The 0.8-m telescope at Xinglong Observatory, China and 1.0-m
telescope at Lulin Observatory, Taiwan started to observe GRB 060210
afterglow (Fox et al. # 4723; Li #4725) at 10.73 UT (~ 5.75 hours
after burst) and 11.07 UT (~6.08 hours), respectively. No source was
detected at afterglow position of our R and I images. Compare with
USNO-B1.0, 3-sigma limiting magnitude are summarized as below :

Delay time (hour)  Filter   Exp.     limit    site   
   Mean time                         (SN=3) 
      5.79          R      600s x 1   19.5     Xinglong
      5.97          I      600s x 1   18.7     Xinglong
      6.18          R      300s x 3   20.8     Lulin
      6.46          I      300s x 3   20.0     Lulin       
This message may be cited."
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