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GCN Circular 4738

GRB060211: Faulkes North observation
2006-02-11T11:21:08Z (18 years ago)
Andreja Gomboc at ARI,Ljubljana,Slovenia/Swift <>
A. Gomboc, C. Guidorzi, I. A. Steele, S. Kobayashi, C.G. Mundell, A.
Monfardini, A. Melandri,
C.J. Mottram, R.J. Smith, D. Bersier,
D. Carter, M.F. Bode (Liverpool JMU), P. O'Brien, E. Rol, N. Bannister
(U. of Leicester) report:

"The 2-m Faulkes Telescope North robotically followed up GRB060211
(SWIFT trigger 181126, Hurkett et al. GCN 4736) starting 5.4 min after
the GRB trigger time.
Within the XRT position, we do not find an optical counterpart to a 
limiting magnitude of R~18.5 in 3x10s co-added images. In addition, we 
find no obvious candidates in a 4.6' x 4.6' region centered on the 
BAT position, to the same limiting magnitude.
Limiting magnitude has been derived with reference to USNOB1."
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