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GCN Circular 4740

GRB 060211A: Swift XRT Team Refined Analysis
2006-02-11T16:58:32Z (18 years ago)
Cheryl Pauline Hurkett at Leicester U <>
C. P. Hurkett, K. Page, E. Rol, J. Osborne, O. Godet and A. Beardmore (U
Leicester) report on behalf of the Swift XRT team:

We have analysed the Swift XRT data from the first orbit observation of
GRB 060211A (Hurkett et al. GCN 4736), with a total Windowed Timing (WT)
mode exposure of 195 seconds and Photon Counting (PC) mode exposure of
1040 seconds. The refined XRT position is:

RA(J2000) = 03 53 32.8
Dec(J2000) = +21 29 21.0

This position is 3.9 arcseconds from the XRT position given in GCN
4736.  We estimate an uncertainty of 3.7 arcseconds radius (90%

The 0.3-10 keV light curve in WT and PC mode starts 185 seconds from the
BAT trigger. The lightcurve (after only one orbit) appears to exhibit a
broken powerlaw behaviour, where both decay indices are steep. The indices
are: alpha_1 = 4.14 +/- 0.11, which at 475 seconds (+48/-32) changes to a
slower decay of alpha_2 = 2.26 (+0.26/-0.32).

A preliminary spectral fit to the WT data gives a power law photon
index of 1.94 +/- 0.07 in the 0.3-10 keV band, where Galactic
absorption is assumed to be 1.25e21 cm^-2. An excess absorption
component is noted at (7+/-2)e20 cm^-2. In the time range of 185-380
seconds after trigger, the estimated unabsorbed 0.3-10 keV flux is
1.19e-9 ergs/cm2/s. The observed 0.3-10.0 keV flux is 8.54e-10

Because of the Malindi Gap, only one orbit of data has been analysed
so far. We cannot accurately estimate the flux at T+24 hr yet.

This circular is an official product of the Swift XRT Team.
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