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GCN Circular 4774

GRB 060213: optical afterglow not confirmed
2006-02-18T01:48:49Z (18 years ago)
Martin Jelinek at Inst.Astrophys.Andalucia,Granada <>
M. Jel�nek. S. Guziy (IAA-CSIC Granada), K. Viironen
(IAC La Laguna), L. Sabin (ING of Telescopes,
La Palma) and J. A. Caballero (IAC and ING),
on behalf of larger collaboration, report:

"We have performed a second epoch observation of the field including
the optical afterglow candidate (cf. Guziy et al. GCN 4771) to GRB
060213. On the stacked 5 x 180s frame taken on Feb 17.95 UT, we cannot
confirm a decline in brightness and conclude that the aforementioned
object is probably a normal star with R = 21.6 +/- 0.1.

We note however, that the only other object that lies within the
Swift/XRT error box (Morris et al. GCNC 4770) down to R = 23.0
limiting magnitude, is at coordinates (J2000) RA = 09h26m24.27s,
Dec= -09o06'54".7 (i.e. 5" from the XRT center) and appears to be
a relatively bright galaxy (R = 20.0 +/- 0.1 within our 1" aperture)
catalogued in GSC2 as S12101311196. If this galaxy is unrelated to
GRB 060213, spectroscopic observations will be needed to discern
whether this is an active galaxy originating the X-ray emission
detected by SWIFT."

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