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GCN Circular 4787

Oddball GRB 060218, transient or GRB?
2006-02-19T21:49:58Z (18 years ago)
Neil Gehrels at GSFC <>
N. Gehrels (NASA-GSFC) on behalf of the Swift team:

We point out that GRB 060218 (Cusumano et al. GCN 4775) is a 
strange event. It has  
- a gamma-ray light curve that is flat and a soft spectrum 
(Barbier et al. GCN 4780)
- an X-ray light curve with a long, slow rise and gradual 
decline (Cusumano et al. GCN 4786)
- an optical light curve with brightening after 10 hours 
(Marshall et al. GCN 4785).  
These characteristics are unlike previous GRBs.

It has properties that are also atypical of a transient:
- it is far off the galactic plane (b = -32.9 deg) and 
far away from the bulge (l = 166.9 deg)
- there is a possible association (Mirabel GCN 4783) with 
a galaxy in the SDSS pre-burst field (Cool et al. GCN 4777).

Further observations are warranted.
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