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GCN Circular 4819

GRB 060218: rebrightening
2006-02-23T17:24:47Z (18 years ago)
Daniele Fargion at Phys.Dept, Rome Univ1,It <>
The very  recent GRB 060218 long burst, brightening,
      decline and rebrightening  are puzzling, but consistent
      with a model for GRB (and later on for SGR),
      made by precessing  spinning and blazing gamma
      collimated Jets (solid angle about 10^-8 sr). See ref. below.

     The GRB is associated to a blazing Jet whose
      peak power is like a Supernova one (but apparent as GRB power).
      In a very small near-by  cosmic volumes as GRB 060218 at z=0.0331
      or GRB980425 at z=0.008, it is quite off-axis (a few degree).
      The off-axis geometry increase  the probability to be found and reduce
      its apparent luminosity (underluminous GRB).
      The spinning-precessing jet lead  to inner fast variability,
      rebrightenings and while shining away, the smooth GRB decay.

     In analogy, but at much lower power and therefore at nearer distances
      later on, comparable and longeve X-Jet-pulsars  are blazing as SGR.
      The persistent precessing jet offer  multi optical rebrightening
      and-or permits un-correlation with earlier SN.
      Hadron material around the SN make the GRB event a
      possible TeV source observable by Milagro or ARGO,Hess and MAGIC,
      an UHECR source in Auger and Hires,a  UHE neutrino source for AMANDA
      and Baikal (see DF and M.G. Nuovo Cim. 28 C.N 4-5.p.813-816.
      astro-ph/0505150). The GRB maybe  obsevable by its PeVs Glashow
      neutrino while inducing air-showers at horizons
      or EeV  Tau air-showers  below the MAGIC horizons
      (see astro-ph/0511597).

       In conclusion:

       The presence (but even the already absence)
       in near  days of a complete SN rise combined with multi-bumps
       (optical and-or radio rebrightening)
        will stand for a definitive  long live
       (but decaying) precessing Jet,
        blazing within  an earlier SN shell.
        Its possible late Jet blaze has been and it maybe
       observed in future X flare again (if shining online to us).

       On the contrary the rise of an unique dramatic SN bump
       a few days later the observed brightening
        and rebrightening of the GRB,
        will be the clear hint that GRB-SN explosion maybe  preceeded
        by a persistent SGR Jet activity whose culmination ends into a the
        catastrophic SN-GRB most powerfull beamed event. This scenario
        may be still marginally  coexisting with  previous one ,
        if a  Jet activity may trigger the star collapse
        and survive the SN explosion.

       see D.F.
        ATEL # 31; by DF, 15 Jul 1998;
        "On the nature of GRB-SGRs blazing jets" in
        Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 138, 507-508;
        and or more recent astro-ph/0501403 in
        D.F. Chin.J.Astron.Astrophys.3,3 (2003) 472-482.

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