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GCN Circular 4827

GRB 060223A:Xinglong optical limits
2006-02-24T06:43:24Z (18 years ago)
W.K. Zheng at NAOC <>
M.Zhai, W.K. Zheng, Y.L. Qiu, J.Y. Wei,J.Y. Hu and J.S Deng, report on behalf of the Xinglong GRB follow-up team:

We observed the field of the GRB 20060223A(Cummings et al.GCN 4813)with the 0.8m telescope at Xinglong Observatory, National Astronomical Observatories,Chinese Academy of Sciences. We began  observations on Feb 23.4787 UT, 5.4158 hours after the trigger without any filter. Within 600s exposure image we do not see the optical counterpart(Cummings et al.GCN 4813) down to 19.5 with 3-sigma detection.

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