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GCN Circular 4830

GRB 060218/SN 2006aj: RBO optical observations
2006-02-25T07:56:19Z (18 years ago)
Chris Rodgers at U of Wyoming <>
C. Rodgers (U of Wyoming), D. Allen (U of Wyoming), Marc Herman (U of
Wyoming), R. Rodgers (ACSD#1), R. Canterna (U of Wyoming) report on behalf
of the Red Buttes Observatory (0.6m) GRB Team as part of the FUN GRB

We responded to the rebrightening of GRB 060218/SN 2006aj at the position
reported by Kennea et al. (GCN 4776) at 2006/02/25 01:47:07 UT.  We took
10 minute exposures in BVRI over 4 different epochs.  The data are presented
below in magnitudes with a S/N > 14.0.  Each of the BRI magnitudes were
obtained using the USNO B1.0 catalog, and the V magntudes were determined
from Cool et al. (GCN 4777) SDSS g and r data by using Smith et al. (2002)
transformation equations.

B       V       R       I       UT (B)
18.140  17.116  17.240  16.369  01:47:07
18.134  17.294  17.214  16.248  02:46:14
18.188  17.312  17.243  16.301  03:46:55
18.054  17.288  17.212  16.128  04:30:42

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