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GCN Circular 4872

GRB 060313, SMARTS optical counterpart?
2006-03-13T04:49:22Z (18 years ago)
Bethany Cobb at Yale U <>
B. E. Cobb, part of the larger SMARTS consortium, reports:

Following the report of a possible X-ray afterglow to GRB 060313,
the SMARTS imaging described in GCN 4869 was re-examined.   
The X-ray position is unfortunately outside our NIR imaging. In our
R and I band images, however, there is a possible optical counterpart
within the X-ray detection error region, at preliminary coordinates of:
RA = 4:26:28.45
Dec = -10:50:39.9
The source is only detected at the 1 sigma level, but the fact
that it is visible in both R and I suggests the source is not
spurious.  The source is not detected in the DSS images.
In comparison with several nearby USNO-B1.0 stars, the
source has a magnitude of R ~ 19.9 +/- 0.3.
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