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GCN Circular 4876

GRB060313:Gemini South Observations
2006-03-13T09:55:02Z (18 years ago)
Brian Schmidt at RSAA, ANU (MSSSO) <>
B. Schmidt (ANU), Derek Fox (Penn State), and Edo Berger (OCIW), on 
behalf of a larger collaboration report,

"We have obtained a series of r-band images with Gemini-S + GMOS between 
UT Mar 13.058 and March 13.096 of GRB 060313 (Pagani et al. GCN 4867) of 
the OT-candidate of Levan and Hjorth (GCN 4871). Comparison with  USNOA2 
star located at
    RA=04:26:28.906 DEC=-10:51:00.16 (J2000)     R=18.1
shows the OT-candidate to be 2.19 magnitudes fainter than the star at 
Mar 13.058, and 2.26 mags fainter at Mar 13.096, a marginally 
significant difference. It is possible that an underlying host galaxy is 
significantly affecting the photometry.

We would like to thank the Gemini Staff for their help in executing 
these Target of Opportunity observations."
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