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GCN Circular 4955

GRB 060403 Optical observations
2006-04-07T09:30:20Z (18 years ago)
Yuji Urata at RIKEN <>
Y.Q. Lou, X.F. Wang (THCA), W.K. Zheng, Y.L. Qiu(NAOC),
I.C. Yen (NTNU), C.S. Lin, H.C. Lin, K.Y. Huang (NCU), 
Y. Urata (Saitama U/RIKEN) on behalf of EAFON report

 "We have observed GRB 060403 X-ray afterglow position (Boyd et
al. GCN 4945, Mangano et al. GCN 4947) using Xinglong (China) 0.8m and
Lulin (Taiwan) 1.0m telescopes on April 3 and 5. In I-band images
taken at Lulin, we found two sources at the X-ray error region which
do not appear in DSSII images. Since our I-band images are deeper than
DSSII, we have monitored the sources. These sources do not show any
significant variabilities in our observational period. Thus we
conclude that these two sources do not related with GRB afterglow.

 The limiting magnitude are summarize below.

 Date    Delay (h) Site     Filter  Exp.(s)   Limit mag
 Apr. 3   6.07     Xinglong R       600s x 12 20.4
 Apr. 3   5.87     Lulin    I       300s x  5 21.0
 Apr. 5  55.63     Lulin    I       300s x  2 19.6

This message may be cited."
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