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GCN Circular 499

GRB 991216, optical observations
1999-12-19T16:40:31Z (24 years ago)
Elia Leibowitz at Wise Obs, Tel Aviv U <>
E.M. Leibowitz reports on behalf of the Wise Observatory team - U. Giveon, B.
 Bilenko, E. Ofek and Y. Lipkin:

 With the 1 m telescope of the Wise Observatory we have obtained 5 CCD R frames
 of GRB991216, each one of 5 minutes exposure. The mean UT time of all frames
 is Dec 17.7333. The R magnitude of the OT, as measured on the combined frame
 relative to 84 USNO-A1.0 catalogue stars, is 19.95 +-0.15. When measured
 relative to star "A" (GCN 476, 486, 498) the resulting magnitude is
 19.89+-0.13. The combined image is placed at

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