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GCN Circular 5115

GRB 060505: X-ray afterglow - Correction -
2006-05-11T16:41:45Z (18 years ago)
Maria Laura Conciatore at ASDC <>
M.L. Conciatore (ASDC) report on behalf of the Swift/XRT team:

In GCN 5114, we incorrectly reported that count rate of the second
source (the constant one) was 2.e-2 cts/s. The correct value is 2.e-3
Please, find below the corrected GCN text.


M.L. Conciatore, M. Capalbi, L. Vetere (ASDC), D. Palmer (LANL),
D. Burrows (PSU) report on behalf of the Swift/XRT team:

The Swift X-Ray Telescope observed the field of GRB 060505 (GCN 5076)
for a second time on 2006-05-10 from 00:43:58 UT for a total exposure
of 11.7 ks.

The source identified in the first observation (GCN 5078) located at:

RA(J2000) = 22h 07m 03.2s
Dec(J2000) = -27d 48' 57

has faded from (1.1 +/- 0.1)e-2 counts/s to
(8.6 +/- 4.0)e-4 cts/s.

The other source reported in GCN 5081, located at:

RA(J2000) = 22h 07m 4.5s,
Dec(J2000) =-27d 49m 57.8s

shows a constant behavior of the light curve,
with a count rate ofabout 2e-3 cts/s.

We conclude that the first source is the likely X-ray afterglow
of GRB 060505.

This Circular is an official product of the Swift XRT Team.
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