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GCN Circular 5118

GRB060512: Liverpool Telescope Afterglow detection
2006-05-13T00:24:58Z (18 years ago)
Carole Mundell at ARI, JMU,Liverpool <>
C.G. Mundell and I.A. Steele report on behalf of the Liverpool GRB group:

"The 2-m Liverpool Telescope followed up GRB060512
(SWIFT trigger 209755) approximately 20 min after the GRB trigger time.
We confirm the UVOT identification of a fading OT (Cummings et al GCN 5117)

at:  13:03:05.8   +41:11:26.8   +\- 0.5 arcsec (J2000)
with magnitude r' = 18.2 +/- 0.3 mag (vs USNOB1) at 46 min. 
Observations and analysis are ongoing.
This message may be cited"

[GCN OPS NOTE(09dec06): The "060513" was changed to "060512".]
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