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GCN Circular 5210

GRB 060602B: XMM-Newton Survey Source
2006-06-04T01:54:48Z (18 years ago)
Jules Halpern at Columbia U. <>
I note that a faint source was detected by XMM-Newton in a survey
observation of the Galactic plane on 2000 September 23 at a position
consistent, to within their combined uncertainties, with the Swift
XRT source (Beardmore et al., GCN 5209) in the error circle of the
possible GRB 060602B (trigger #213190: Schady et al., GCN 5200).

                  R.A.(2000)     Dec.(2000)   +/-(")  
  Swift XRT       17 49 31.6    -28 08 03.2    3.7
  XMM-Newton      17 49 31.59   -28 08 08.7    4

It is listed in the XMMSSC-XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalog
as having a flux of 6.9x10^-14 erg/cm2/s in the 0.2-12 keV range.
Therefore, it is possible that this is a Galactic X-ray burster,
as noted by Palmer et al. (GCN 5208).  If at a distance of 8 kpc,
for example, its 15-150 keV fluence in the BAT of 1.8x10^-7 erg/cm2
(Palmer et al., GCN 5208) corresponds to an average luminosity of
1.1x10^38 erg/s in this band over the 13 s duration of the burst,
and its 0.2-12 keV luminosity seen by XMM was 5.3x10^32 erg/s, within
the range of quiescent LMXBs (e.g., Tomsick et al. 2004, ApJ, 610, 933).
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